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Entertainment & Arts Strategist

Looking to improve the business of your creative work?


Sustaining a vibrant artistic voice does not have to be in conflict with good business. I believe that by bridging creativity with smart business and values-based work environments, your company will thrive and its impact will be strengthened.


Through collaborating with creative teams, filmmakers and artists, I can help to advance and empower your business independence. I bring a diverse set of skills, which can be applied in both an advisory and functional capacities, including: strategic goal setting, program design, project management, small-business financial management, process and systems development, and talent identification. Having served as an executive, supporting staff member, and creator, I respect the unique work challenges of each role and finding balance to support healthy team dynamics. Because of this, I am committed to investing in craft, authentic voice, compelling storytelling, strong teamwork, innovative problem-solving, ethical practices, and dynamic business strategies.

Read about my process and services below...




Business Strategy

We'll develop a clear blueprint for you and your team that reflects your values, key audiences, and team culture to elevate your business. 

Operations Analysis + Planning

Clear protocols, processes, evaluation techniques, and action plans are essential to taking a team's dreams from idea to reality. I will help evaluate your work flow and create systems that make sense for your team.


Coming up with a steady stream of original content and business solutions doesn't always happen organically. Sometimes we need to step back and get some outside perspective. Whether tackling a long-range vision or specific project pitch, we will collaborate on generating creative ideas to fit your programs, processes, and personalities.


Key to any good decision is a grounded and in-depth understanding. Thorough analysis of primary sources, news, reports, stakeholder interviews and original surveys, I can provide key background to inform your next steps.

Content Producing

Need direction on graphic design or video to explain and promote your work? I will leverage my network of local and regional creative talent to oversee the production of high quality original branded content. To  view portfolio visit:



& Assess
& Refine

1 | Listen and observe. Through interviews with all relevant stakeholders, I develop an understanding of your shared values, goals, culture, resources, and current challenges.  This may include additional external research into your key audiences,  top competitors, and best practices.

2 | After sharing the Discover & Assess phase findings, we will have an  unfiltered discussion and then set your ultimate target (the vision) and prioritize your goals.

3 | Based on the vision established, we map out the specific steps needed to move you toward your goal and tie them to a realistic timeframe.  As well, we will set a few specific indicators of success to measure progress. At this point, we are ready to identify what additional talent, tools and processes are needed.

4 | Once into production, we will set times to review actual performance against the intended goals and anticipated outcomes. We will reflect on successes, failures, and lessons learned to further refine your objectives and/or adjust tactics to better achieve your mission and vision.




My personal passion in is to entertain, inspire, and connect to audiences through diverse perspectives, authentic expression and great storytelling.

I have worked in the creative sector for over ten years in technical, marketing, advocacy and executive leadership capacities. From 2012-2019, I served as President & CEO of Arts Council Napa Valley where I oversaw strategic planning, community relations, financial management, and creative sector-serving programs.


After graduating with a BA in Cinematic Arts and an Honors Certificate in Multimedia Literacy from the University of Southern California, I returned to the the Bay Area. My first entrepreneurial endeavor was co-founding a grassroots alternative arts organization that organized dozens of emerging musicians, actors, visual artists, and creative writers in developing unique events and community projects. Through Wandering Rose, I gained a wide range of on-the-ground experience by producing music and art shows, a pop-up film festival, a DIY fair, battles of the bands, and workshops. My experience since covers the breadth of perspectives from creative, technical, and administrative in the fields of film, visual arts, and live performance. Starting, relaunching, and developing creative organizations is always an exciting challenge that I look forward to tackling!





“Olivia is one of those rare people with a balanced right and left brain - one who is both strategic and creative.”
- Judd Wallenbrock, CEO, C. Mondavi & Family | Board of Directors, Arts Council Napa Valley


“Olivia is a thoughtful, long-term thinker who has a history of bringing positive​,​ systemic and sustainable change [...]”
- Robin Hampton, Field Director, California Alliance for Arts Education


“Olivia possesses that rare ability to bring people to the table with diverse and often competing interests to find solutions that serve the entire business. She approaches her work thoughtfully and realistically while pushing to deliver results that lead to impactful change."
- Sonia Tolbert, COO, Festival Napa Valley





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